Health Literacy Ministry
Serving St. Louis City & County


Board of Directors

Professional Qualifed
Board of Directors and Staff are waiting to serve you!

    Board of Directors

      • Leila Hightower, RN, BSN, President/Chairman, Nurse Educator
      • Camilla Williams, RN BSN, Vice President, Nurse Educator
      • Juana Wallace, Secretary, Community Health Worker
      • Christine Smith, Finance Officer
      • Catherine Miller, RN, MSN
      • Roslyn Person, PCT
      • Ashley Leslie, RN
      • Denale Powell, Marketing

    Advisory Board

      • Tara Hearns, MHA
      • Carmen Smith, MHS, RRT, AE-C
      • Wanda Green, MBA


      • Bethany Adent, Registered Dietitian
      • Teresa Gillespie, MSW
      • Ledora Scales, RN, Nurse Educator
      • Ophelia Young, RN, Nurse Educator
      • Lakisha Redditt, Community Health Worker
      • Annette Brown, Community Health Worker
      • Carolyn Moore, Community Health Worker
      • Joanna Gillespie, BS in Health Education

    Data Analyst

      • Justin Gillespie, BS, Computer Information System